Winding Down After Wimbledon

Winding Down After Wimbledon


If you watched the Wimbledon Championships (27 June- 10 July) we won’t blame you for still talking about it. We’ve got a feeling that this is going to be a hot topic for a while so for those of you who need to be clued up, here’s what you need to know:

Wimbledon is considered one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world and not to mention the oldest. The tournament brings in celebrity crowds ranging from Beyoncé to the members of the British Royal Family as well as the rest of the population who are glued to their television screens.

This year, Andy Murry won the men’s title for the second time while Serena Williams claimed the women’s title for the seventh time! Williams also managed to claim her 22nd Grand Slam win, equaling Steffi Graff's longstanding record.  We think that calls for a celebration!

Winding down after Wimbledon

Here’s how we like to wind down with friends, Wimbledon style, in honour of the legendary tennis champions.

More bubbles please! Lanson Champagne is the official champagne sponsors of the tournament but at £34 we suggest trying a more cost effective glass of bubbles. Try a sparkling wine spritzer with a fresh strawberry or cherry to decorate the glass. Best of all you can keep your wine chilled in style with our Classic Corkcicle.

Another classic Wimbledon cocktail is a Wimbledon Martini made with strawberries and cream. Use our Martini Master to make any martini like a pro!

Of course if pink drinks and bubbles don’t quite tickle your fancy you could sip on a Stella Artois beer a little more differently than they do at the Wimbledon.

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